Starters & SALADS

  • Selection of Homemade Dips

    Original white taramas, baba ganoush, houmous, tzatziki

  • Greek Salad

    The traditional with olived and fetta cheese

  • Greek Manouri Cheese Salad

    Balsamic vinaigrette

  • Wild Arugula (Rocket) Salad

    Pomegranate, pine nuts, parmesan flakes, sun-dried tomatoes

  • Crispy Duck Spring Rolls

    With honey and chili

  • Ravioli with Buffalo Ricotta and Spinach

    Herb butter and raspberries

  • Homemade Partridge Ravioli

    Dry sage, parmesan, white wine butter sauce

  • Grilled Village Halloumi

    With fresh tomatoes and fig marmalade

  • Cracking Pork Belly

    with BBQ sauce

  • Fetta Cheese Saganaki

    With honey and sesame seeds

  • Scallop and Prawn Ravioli

    Tossed in fresh tomatoes and basil

  • Marinated Anchovies

    Tomatoes , onions capers

  • Grilled King Prawns

    Chili, olive oil and lime salsa

  • Grilled Queen Scallops

    Fresh mint, lemon, butter

  • Grilled Octopus

    Olive oil and oregano

  • Tuna Ceviche

    Witrh Mango and seaweed salad

  • Black Angus Beef Carpaccio

    On rocket leaves with parmesan flakes


  • Vegetarian Mousakas

    Layers of aubergines, mushrooms, potatoes, zucchini

  • Porcini Mushroom Gnocchi

    Sundried tomatoes sauce & parmesan cheese