• Grilled King Prawns

    Lemon grass, lime, olive oil, herbs

  • Wood Grilled Fresh Sea Bass

    Basil, olive oil, lemon

  • Stuffed Sole with Crab Meat

    Saffron lemon butter sauce

  • Linguine with Forest Mushrooms

    Truffle oil and parmesan cheese

  • Lobster pasta

    With aromatic tomato sauce

  • Gourmet Tasting menu 'Meat Mezedes'

    Salad and dips, halloumi, ricotta ravioli, duck rolls, lamb chops and Crispy Duck
    Minimum order 2 portions

  • Gourmet Tasting Menu ' Seafood Mezedes'

    Salad and dips, Fish carpaccio, prawns , scallop ravioli, stuffed sole
    Minimum order 2 portions

  • Lamb Kleftiko

    Slow cooked in clay oven , mountain herbs

  • Free range Rabbit stifado

    Cooked in sweet win, onions and forest mushrooms

  • Spring Lamb Chops

    Wood grilled wiyth fresh lemon thyme

  • Grilled Iberico Pork Chops

    With chimichurri sauce

  • Grilled Juicy Pork Tenderloin

    With honey & chili sauce

  • Chicken Cypria

    Stuffed with sun-dried tomotoes and goat cheese

  • Grilled Corn Fed Chicken Breast ( supreme)

    Marinaded in mustard & honey

  • Wood Roasted Duck

    Sweet wine & rosemary sauce

  • Traditional Mousaka

    Layers of aubergines, minced beef . potatoes , zucchini

  • Grilled Veal Chop - 300 gr.

    With cabernet wine sauce

  • Prime Cust Rib Eye Steak - 400 gr.

    Choice of mushrooms or pepper sauce

  • Prime Cut FIllet Steak - 280 gr.

    Choice of mushrooms or pepper sauce

  • U.S Beef T. Bone Steak - 500 gr.

    Choice of mushrooms or pepper sauce

  • Black Agnus Tomahawk Steak - 1200 gr.

    Choice of mushrooms or pepper sauce